Upside Down


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releases September 19, 2017

Recorded/mixed by Justin Leeah
Mastered by TW Walsh
Art by Skipp

Vocals/guitar/songwriting: Ben Balusek
Bass: Chris Odom
Guitar: Andy Chavez
Drums/keys/back-up vocals: Ernie Carrillo

In memory of Carson Norris and Javi Sandoval



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MEDVEDI El Paso, Texas

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Track Name: List
I hate when people change lanes without a blinker
Or how you stopped answering my calls
I hate that all my friends are different than they used to be
I’m not quite sure if it’s me or not

I hate those stupid bars on Cincinnati
I hate that death comes so quickly
To people I cared for, to people I loved
I asked you a question that day
But I guess it was loaded
I hate when cars drive five miles under
I hate that there’s this list
Of all these things I complain about
I’m sick of being sick of everyone
I’m sick of being sick of myself

God take my heart and change it
God take my heart and change it

I’m tired of breaking my back
To feel better than I did last year
And I’m sorry but I’m selfish
And I won’t change for anyone
I’m changing all the time
Track Name: Hare or Tortoise
I let you in
The moment that you said
I love you for the thing that you are
I want this to be heaven
Cause I’m scared there isn’t one anywhere else

If it’s a race to the top I’ll finish at the bottom
I’m the hare and I don’t care to beat the tortoise
When all’s said and done, I’ll only leave behind a chorus
So you’ll sing along and feel alright

Life moves slow when you let it
If there ain’t time to meet the goal don’t sweat it
It’s all in your head
We gotta take care of each other
We gotta take care of each other